The right resources behind every door
Women are filtered through our network of public services at many points, from criminal justice to primary care. It’s a long journey to wholeness, and women who’ve experienced the aftermath of violence say that consistent trauma-informed treatment from professionals at each entry point in the system would create better outcomes sooner.

The following is a list of various resources that may be helpful to your client. (Before giving this information to a client, ensure that she has a safe space to store it away from her abusive partner.)

Emergency Services

(Hospital Emergency Personnel, After-Hours Clinic Doctors/Nurses)
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Criminal Justice Professionals

(RCMP, Police, Crown Prosecutors, Victim Services, Legal Aid, etc.)
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Primary Care Providers

(General Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner)
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Domestic Violence Services

(Transition House and Outreach Services)
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Province of New Brunswick resources
There are many resources to support abused women throughout the province of New Brunswick. For a comprehensive list, click here.

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Toolkit for responding to trauma-related abuse

A guide for addictions, mental health and primary care professionals
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